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May 02, 2007



The best of both world's for everybody...that's a good fantasy!


That is the most wonderful, elaborate fantasy I've heard today. I can't say forever, because last weekend I had a dream that involved Krispy Kreme donuts and Jim Bakker, so obviously, it's a bit crazy up in here.


Autumn - it is a good fantasy. As long as it doesn't come true.
Angie - Are you kidding me? Jim Bakker as in Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker? That si one very Southern fantasy. What's your head doing down there?


Kinky wench aren't you Angie dear? ;)

I never had kids, and my fantasies involving kids usually involve me wrapping them in velcro and sticking them to something also covered in velcor, like a wall or a train track.


I can see how it might pose a problem if it did come true...maybe more like a nightmare rather than a fantasy...


Interesting to know.


Melissa / Burbank Insurance - really, what got you here? This is about sheep sex, not insurance.

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