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May 03, 2007



A "shot" in the U.S. is 1.5 ounces of liquor (which I grudgingly allow both Bailey's and Frangelico to be, but come on). "Jigger" refers to the vessel used for measuring booze, so they come in various sizes -- I am guessing yours has measures for 1 oz and .5 oz, so probably you were doing two-third shots, or possibly one-thirds.

If you are drinking shots out of EITHER side of that double jigger mallet contraption, you get 1,000,000 extra points (also known as 'reagans').

I want you to know that blogs like yours account for the bulk of my awareness of the 2008 campaign. Thank you.


I was watching The Early Show this morning and they did a lovely montage showing everyone saying Ronald Reagan...you could've taken this game well into today...


Did you videotape you and Gary watching the debate and drinking shots? If you did, it would probably be much more fun than watching the actual debate.

I can't do too many shots of that sweet liquor stuff. Give me tequila!


Awww... you people have ALL the fun!


My boyfriend just threw out (THREW OUT) two bottles of Bailey's. He said it's because they expired in 2004. It's all preserved, though, isn't it? Back me up here.

Vaguely Urban

I was feeling all bad for the poor girl whose boyfriend threw out perfectly good booze (no way it's bad. IT'S ALCOHOL fercrissakes!)

And then I realized that I know her! And him. He will be taunted for this one, no question.

p.s. Ronald Reagan


I will have you know that one of those Bailey's bottles had about a quarter shot in it. The other had about 4 shots in it (and expired in 2003). We still have 1 full bottle of expired-in-2005 Baileys + several boxes (from the move 3 months ago) of other alcohol that doesn't fit in the bar.


Party at our house.

Friend #3


You'd better call me for the next Republican debate.

Jesus Christ!

Er... I mean, Ronald Reagan!


sgazzetti - Damn, I wanted to drink straight from the jigger but it was fraught with danger. And, Dr. Squirrely in '08!
Autumn - Yes, but that would have been cheating. But fun. But wrong. But fun.
KC - Nooooo - I can only do two shots of tequila. I would be dead tight now if I'd used that.
sue - Ah, but shots during a debate? Fun for everyone!
TasterSpoon, Vaguely, and Ace - I checked the Bailey's site and even they say dump it after a year. Evidently it curdles.
Friend 3 - Sounds like a Girls' Night to me!


I need to watch the debates at your house. Seriously. I'll bring my own sustenance, even, and by "sustenance" I mean "Two Buck Chuck."

Ronald Reagan.


Oh my God, the curdling of the Bailey's, yes it does. I have drunk it, thinking that exact thought- how can it expire, it is alcohol? But oh yes, it can, and it will make you not ever want to try to drink it again.
Also, Queen - I sent this to several of my dad's friends who are all liberal dems who like to tease my dad for his Repub-ness, and their favorite part of your blog is that your dogs are McDonnell and Douglas, which totally gives away your husband's given profession.
And lastly, I need your email address! SO\o that I can harrass you directly rather than commenting here, too many days later.


Catherine - Okay, how about the next Democratic debate we do a shot every time we hear "misguided?"
Jenny - Oh, you think you know! Hah!

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