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April 29, 2007



The snout is out from whence poureth the snot. The tail is too near from whence cometh the pig's poop.

There be pig parts that will never cross my lips.


Next year, on the cruise, if they are serving tales or snouts, I promise you can have my place in line at THAT buffet.


You left out the part that "the balloon" was made from the pig's bladder. I realize that the gameboy hadn't yet been invented, but swatting around the bladder of a newly-butchered pig????


Wow... Just last weekend my husband just shot a wild, 600-lb pig (that's right, 1/5 a ton of pork) and it's at the butcher's right now - maybe I should make him call and reserve the tail? Who double-dog dares me to try it out?

The head's getting taxidermied and hung in the family cabin, so no snoot joy there.


Oops, I meant, 1/3 a ton. Or thereabouts. Math wizard, me.


Zayrini - Well, have you ever had liver? Liver is whence the toxins go that are not deemed acceptable for the poop. I hate liver.
Melissa - No, they wouldn't serve tails or snoots, just thin tasteless bacon. At one point on the cruise my mouth was crammed completely full of bacon and I realized there wasn't as much taste in that whole mouthful as in one slice of home-cooked bacon.
Christy - Well, Pa washed the bladder, didn't he? Come on, people, Pa wouldn't let Half-Pint get pig blood or urine on her little hands.
Tracy - I triple-dog dare you. Do it. DO IT!


Robin and Caroline - I always start out with those plans. My closet is organized into nice hangers for work clothes, standard plastic blue hangers for weeken wear, white plastic for pajamas. That will last about a week.
TasterSpoon - Oh, I bet I know what he has in there. Don't men have extra uses for socks? MMmmmhmmm.
Jenny - I think it's a good sign your guy hangs on to old underwear. Gary does that, and I think its because he's loyal to things (and people) he's intimate with.
Zayrini - then, all i have to say is, "Fuck this shit! From this day forward you will feed your own fucking dog!"

And moth-mode? That is delectable.


"Zayrini - then, all i have to say is, "Fuck this shit! From this day forward you will feed your own fucking dog!"

Different man.
Oh and I no eat liver. I am a nurse and know all too much about livers and their role in...erm...stuff.

I also refuse to eat snails, irrespective of how phillistinian that makes me. They are living boogers.


All of your commenters here are trying to act all cool and casual, like munching on pig snoots is no big thang, sorry to disappoint, Queen, but we're too jaded for a little snoot talk to get a rise out of us.

Fine, I'll bite. Up in the North where I come from, you can get pig snoots at the big pet superstore and they give me the willies. I was trying to think why it's creepier than a tail, or than those hooves they're in the bin next to. It's because they're part of a FACE.

You're eating a FACE.


Oh. Ew. Well, when you put it like that...

Come to think of it, I'll be honest. When you put it like that I think "Cool! What other parts of the face could I eat?"


Having grown up going to Asian markets with my mom, I'm used to seeing large trays of pig parts on display in the meats section. Snouts, ears, feet, you name it. I don't recall seeing any tails, though. Hmm.

Oh, when my Filipino peeps throw a party, we like to serve whole roasted pig. That's right, complete with head *and* tail. And the pig would be right there on the table, just staring at you! I never ate any part from either end (I liked the crunchy skin), but I know some people liked eating the face.


Caherine - Huh. No pig tails? As I understand it they aren't curly. Just a big long tail like you'd find on a hound dog.

Plus, St. Louis snoots get their crunch from the cartilage, not the skin. Hmm. I wonder why we don't eat pig's ears?

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