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April 28, 2007



Alas, I have no Manbitch at Unnamed Co. Long ago and far away, my Manbitch was Floyd, who was my age but wonderfully old-fashioned in his ways. Whenever he went down to the Coke machine, he'd pop into my cube and say, "Would you care for a b-b-beverage?" And he would then deliver, free of charge. I miss Floyd.


I'd call that special work compensation. I'm glad you are well versed in the care and feeding of Manbitch! Smart woman!

Since I work at the same place as my husband, he sorta provides those services for me, but I dasn't call him "Manbitch". "Cabanaboy" is the furthest I may go.


I agree, we need to take care of our Manbitch during these times. If he will let us...




Not only do I automatically adore your manbitch, but the fact that you want to reciprocate is so incredibly sweet it hurts. I hope things turn around for MB!

Erin G.

AW! He sounds really sweet. Remember how we discussed that book The Five Love Languages a million years ago? Perhaps manbitching is his Love Language! Hee.


Becs - Every office needs a Floyd. If you ever get an assistant, make him an honorary Manbitch.
Sherri - Oh, my God. The prospect of working with a husband is terrifying to me. Mine would be dead. You are much more woman that I could ever hope to be.
Robin - I am baking cookies as I type.
Ariel - Yeah, I think Manbitch will be fine in a little while. We thought briefly about inviting him to Girl's Night Out, but thought better of it.
Erin G - Yes! Acts of Service! And that is the Love Language I answer to. But what is his? Hmmm. I'll have to ask.


I have to add my own Manbitch testimonial. As everyone within a 5 cubicle radius knows, I have sinus issues. Once he overheard me complain of my lack of Kleenex (and everyone else's lack of Kleenex due to my stealing them) and when I came out of a meeting, there was an overpriced box from the gum store waiting on my desk. I put it in my wonderful Kleenex box cover that Robin so thoughtfully obtained for me.

Wow, I have really great co-workers.


I hesitate to call my co-worker a manbitch, but he does get me coffee from Starbucks whenever he has to go anywhere near it. It doesn't happen often, but I'm always happy when it does. Oh, and another co-worker always brings me the newest RFT each week (you'd think hubby would bring me one since HE WORKS THERE, but he never does).


Caroline - Yes! You do have great co-workers. And you don't even have the benefit of Caroline the co-worker who goes out and picks up lunch for everyone.
KC - Maybe your husband just doesn't like bringing his work home. Still, not to bring you a free paper when he works right there -that is cold.


That's it exactly! After he has been over every inch of the paper getting it ready, he doesn't even think about bringing it home. After all, he's seen it through the whole process and it's time to think about the next issue.


I miss Robin. Unh!


I could use a Starbucks right now.


KC - So. does he still work for the RFT? It has been a while. For some reason my friends wasted a GNO I didn't attend by commenting on old blog posts.
Mershy - Me too.
mershy - you do seem drunk.

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