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April 30, 2007



I have GRROOONKed my self awake a few times lately. It might be related to this giant mound of fat that has somehow attached itself to me. I rarely GRROOONKed prior to that.


I hate when that happens.


I've done that! It's quite embarrassing.


Been there, grooonked that.


Haven't done that yet. Of course, right now there is lung ejecting coughing going on, so how would I know?


Zayrina - Yep, I have just been introduced to upper-body fat. I was quite used to the ever-growing lower-body fat, but the upper-body fat might just kill me.
Sue - I hate it too. I might have to move back to the guest room.
KC - Given the unexpected sounds Gary's been known to make, I didn't feel too embarrassed.
Melati - This calls for a "Been There, Gronked That" t-shirt.
Sherri - Oooo, coughing. I advise you get to the doctor and get an inhaler. Just don't go out shopping, both mom and I spend excessively when we inhale. From the Bronchial Inhalers.

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