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March 27, 2007



Girl, you went TWO WEEKS without treatment for a bladder infection? And you weren't rolling on the ground with a leather strap between your teeth? I hope you got some percodan out of that deal. Damn.

Poor toe porn boy.


I love the garage photo. It looks like he's working really fast, doing...whatever it is he's doing.


Screw tea. I'm coming over for Easter.

Does he have Reese's peanut butter eggs?


If you have a day when Gary is getting exceptionally irritating, could you send him out to Jersey for the day? I promise no funny stuff, but there will be cuddling involved and together, we will dine on LGBs.


Erin - I am well experienced in controlling bladder infections. It's a gallon of water and a handful of cranberry pills (I usually have them) at the first inkling.

Taster - for some reason he felt the candy needed to be in a military formation for the shot.

Caroline - Bah! Reese's! Do they cost an arm and a leg? No? Gary turns up his nose.

Becs - Sure, as long as you don't mind the incessant talking while you are trying to read.


Oh, I'm used to that. I could take it for just a day. After that, all bets are off and back he goes to Missouri.

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