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March 12, 2007



Hi - new reader here, chiming in for the first time...

It's tough being the new person and knowing when it's appropriate to start joining the office banter, especially when it tends toward the racy - even if that's totally your scene. Still, I think a couple of weeks of absorbing the culture and the personalities/relationships of your coworkers is usually wise.

That being said, seems to me that New Guy's comments were the sort that only fly when the people you say them to know you well enough to know you're not actually a creep. Which isn't the case here. So, verdict is that he's a weirdo. Or socially moronic. Or both.


Hi, Tracy27! Stay tuned to indeed see if he is
1) Freaking weird
2) Just trying to fit in
3) Socially Moronic
4) a Weirdo


I just had Sexual Harrassment training last week!

New Guy is definitely starting off on the wrong foot, no matter what the culture. Also, your Co-Worker's awareness of, or even participation in, a culture of questionable taste does NOT void her right to be free of harassment herself - because, as Tracy27 pointed out, there are a lot of circumstances wherein HYC's remarks may be acceptable, and NG's still not. And even if CW wasn't offended, NG would still be in the wrong, because even if your CW had evidenced that she was cool with that kind of creepy remark...there could have been a third party within earshot who was creeped out by it.

Do you think the Executive Caution had to do with HR knowing, not that NG was conservative, but rather that he was inclined to take liberties if he thought the door were open to do so?

So here's the ticklish part - even if nothing comes of it, your company's official line is probably that you should report it to HR. Conversation is okay, but e-mail is ideal because it is then date-stamped. That's how they cover their behinds. And how you cover yours. (The bit I find awkward is you are also supposed to report your friend HYC...) How - or whether - your company "deals with it" is out of your hands.


T - The Excutives cautioned us because they know how we are (indelicate) and because he was fifty. They guessed we might offend him.

Friend #3

Geez, who vetted this guy?


Just for the record, I did not remark upon my breasts' energy field. They are in fact quite unremarkable, which is why I was stunned that The Queen was so captivated by them. (side note- this is NOT the first time she has been bedazzeled by the "fabric of my shirt")

TasterSpoon, you mentioned something that I never even considered- that we WERE forewarned... but of what, exactly?


He's a creep. He's always going to be a creep. And if y'all aren't careful, he's going to ruin the wonderful atmosphere you have going.

Report his ass to HR. Now.

Hot Mom

Personally, I don't care if he was offended by the boob-exchange or not. The creep all but invited me to do him on the floor of the cube.


And, Queen, it wasn't snake eyes, it was "the look." I'm a mom, I can do "the look."


Okay - having been introduced to this by involved/interested parties; but given only information stating that something was coming down I believe that I can be impartial (so far).

1. While the comments by HYC may be construed by a new person as "brazen" they are eveidently also acceptedable under the culture of the office environment. Personally I would not have been offended but happy to have landed in a place where such humor exists. Though I would have worked hard not to stare at the objects in questions because that would be a bad "first day on job move".

2. If the New guy had issues with the conduct/references/subject matter he should have announced right then.

3. Given his next day's behavior... well the word should have hit the street that sleeze had been introduced and all should be aware.

4. Based on the "French Connection" comment alone he should have been reported.

Okay - easy for me, an outsider, to comment like an Arm Chair Quarterback (shoosh HYC); but I also understand that this is a new person and you reserve judgement and make allowances.

By the way I'm on the edge of my sit to read the rest.


Internet, allow me to introduce GG: a new character at work. Replacement for New Guy? New Guy Jr.? Hot Young New Guy? New Guy Who Better Not Dare Even Suggest He Has Read Other Parts of This Blog? Time will tell.

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