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March 16, 2007


Unharassed co-worker

This is truly astonishing. I only knew about 25% of it, and I sit all of 10 feet from ground zero. I was aware of the HYC comment, the Nipple comment, and that Hot Mom was worried about being followed. The rest is news. I should be grateful I was not assigned to his project team.

I also know that I was warned to not eat the food he kept bringing in. What kind of a man wants to bake for you and [insert sick action here] you?

There are a few questions that remain unanswered for me. OK, more than a few. But for right now: Wasn't he married? To whom? Does she have any idea what a sick bastard he is? Does she plot his actions in an attempt to increase her shopping budget? Does she buy designer shoes?

Catherine (redheaded one)

You caught your snot in mid air? Very funny/gross all at the same time. I envision you jumping up in the air, hand open and dive for the snot just before it hit the Refined and Elegant Company President in one of her Sax 5th Ave suits, landing with a loud thud at the high-heeled clad feet of said President. I'm sure it didn't happen that way. Nice to know Refined and Elegant Company President was involved. She is totally cool.


Man, adding the pornographic emails on top of it all, it sounds to me like CFG is a compulsive creep - like, a fuctioning pervoholic. In which case, obviously your company is a collective gaggle of heartless bastards for not reaching out to him and offering him help for his condition! Couldn't you see this man was suffering?

Seriously, the one sad thing in all of this is the thought that this jerkoff might have a family.

Hot Mom

I have nothing to add to today's post. I just like being called "Hot Mom."


But did you get your camera back?

Ew! Just thought...you might not want it back at this point. Gah!


Re: Mrs Creepy Fired Guy. First off, she's seventy-five. My guess is she she isn't that into giving him a sexual release. However, she is into Tai Chi and Yoga, so who knows. She seems nice. I imagine she wears crocs and birkies instead of designer shoes.

And my camera? It's a loss. That's okay, the one time I really needed a purse camera (When Un-harassed co-worker foolishly gave me her garage code so I could pick something up) the memory card was full before I could take photos of her disarray.


Dude. I think you should be glad you don't work in advertising. There's a lot of NG/CFG's there. I guess they can be everywhere.
ALso in high school french class, when once we traded papers to grade each other, I coughed/sneezed up the biggest, nastiest loogey you ever saw on someone elses paper. And I sat in the front row, dead center, about 10 inches from the teacher's(male)(but also, gay, I mean, hello, french teacher...) crotch. Had the worksheet not been in the way I would have coughed up a fat one on the teacher's crotch. Let's just all absorb that for a moment.
He decided to collect the papers in the trashcan, rather than give them back to the rightful owners.


Jenny, my brother worked in radio advertising, so I believe what you say.

Also? Possibly the best snot story I have ever heard.

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