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March 19, 2007


Friend #3

The strap mark on your face from the nitrous was a lovely touch. :-D


What the hell bastard dentist takes appointments at 7 in the morning?! I don't understand that AT ALL.


I know, but the assistant said, "Well, we have seven a.m." in such a snarky bitch voice -- as if to suggest "YOU couldn't HANDLE seven a.m." that I had to take it.


That sounds like my normal morningtime routine. Except I don't wait for my get ANTP to dry.

And I wipe no make-up on my face.

Somewhere between 29 and 30, i just stopped caring what people thought I looked like.

Isn't that a sign of depression?


I think it's a sign of self-confidence.


I just got a temp crown two weeks ago and am waiting to get the real deal. They all suck, taking appointments that early-my dentist does it too. What makes my crown situation even better though is that I received a lovely letter from my insurance company last week suggesting I visit another dentist...in the network. Whoops:)


Ouch! That hurts in many ways.

Fred Collinsworth

You're amazing, doing your morning rituals in just 5 mins. That must be a record! LOL! I hope you had a nice time with your dentist.

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