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March 07, 2007


Vaguely Urban

In another, nerdier, layer of fetishism, your second and third toes are spread apart in the manner of the Star Trek hand greeting.



Oh, my gawd you are right. I knew there was something evocative about that. Now I get the Trek nerds too.

trek nerd

"Star Trek hand greeting"?
It is the Vulcan salute and blessing.


Wait. What's that? British into spanking? I need to start dating more men from across the pond.


I'm worried about what other type of porn you may be making with that big ol' chain. Kinky, indeed!


But why does the top of your foot look bruised?


Ariel - Very, very into spanking. Legendary.
KC - I don't even know what this chain is for, it came out of someone's garage. I think its a chain for tires, like if someone doesn't have snow tires?
Melissa - I KNOW! It isn't bruised. I guess it was a shadow from the chain. But the Germans probably like the bruised effect.


This has got to be the best entry yet that I've read.


Autumn -
You are a church secretary, is that right? I feel like I'm corrupting you. You know, in a very mild sort of way.


Don't worry Queen, I worked in hell, I mean at a radio station, before coming to my current position. Got all the corruption that I could possibly handle and then some;) And no, I'm not a church secretary, but I could easily be confused with one! I work for a religious organization...scary when you think about it!

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