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March 20, 2007



Happy b'day to the Prince Consort!

Friend #3

Happy birthday, Gary!!! (I still have 45 minutes left!)


Happy Belated!

nill zed

We got married the day before Thanksgiving.

We didn't have a full blown wedding. We'd just accumulated the doctor's signatures on the forms then gotten the license, and vaguely figured we'd get some people around sometime in the 90 days or however long the license was for.

Then, I was home deadly sick with the deadly stomach flu for the monday & tuesday of that week. Wednesday morning, I read in the paper the county offices would be closed on the xth and nth for the holiday. Oh, I thought, today is xth-1, and our license expires on nth+1 (Saturday, keep up.) Duh, that means we need to get married - TODAY. Or get a new license, & they've doubled the fees in order to fund some anti-domestic violence program. Jeeesh, we don't wanna pay the equivalent of 3 fees, when we've already paid 1.

So, off we went to get married. Then out to dinner, during which my husband was walloped by the deadly deadly stomach flu as suddenly as it had hit me on Monday. The rest of the holiday weekend went like that.

A few months later, we were going through the immigration process for him. We stressed out learning personal factoids like the names & genders of each others parents' siblings. The sorts of details one would expect couples to know. First thing, the INS officer asked 'when did you get married?'

simultaneously, we answered with xth/nth. INS officer thought she had us.

But, I explained the whole thing, being so sick & all. The offices were going to be closed and I insisted I was right, cause my daughter's birthday was that weekend, on the 30th, which would have been Sunday, right, cause there is always a full weekend of November after Thanksgiving, right?

Turns out, my logic made my answer wrong.

But, I went on, we hadn't made plans in advance, nor celebrated our first anniversary yet, so there'd been no way to clearly fix it in my mind. Besides, I could tell her we met on my husband's birthday, because he said I was the best present. No, my husband corrected, we met the day after.

INS officer now realized, dates mean very little to me.

(PS, when my uncle went to get his DL, he discovered they'd been celebrating his birthday a week early, without even as good a reason as Gary's mom.)


Nill- I would so do that - procrastinate my wedding. Great story.

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