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February 24, 2007



Went to a Tenacious D concert a couple months back, and the peoplewatching was Extreme. And by Extreme I mean highlighting the antics of the under-25 crowd. We prowled around the balcony "for better acoustics" but really just to find seats for our over-28 (some of us over-32), fully-employed behinds and you're right - the balcony belongs to the moldy oldies, and the floor to the kiddies. The people in front of us and to either side of us were definitely 60+. Let's keep going to concerts till we're old enough that some kid feels compelled to get up and GIVE us his seat. Yeah!


60 plus! That give me hope for the future.


Not just one front man...Adam and Ryan both sing during the shows. Ryan does seem to be the only one who sings, though. Hmmmm...I wonder why the others don't ever say anything. BTW, mind if I add you to my blogroll?


Perhaps they're shy.

Of course you can add me to your blogroll. But, I have to warn you: read through the contents of "The Great Hall of TMI" on the left. At times I feel the need to be inappropriate and adult. You may not want to appear to condone this behavior.

Let me know if I can return the favor and add you to bloglines, which generates my blogroll. You sound like my doppleganger. We could start a blogring of mid-40 BNL fans.


I read several of your posts and thought they were great. I'm never scared by TMI; the more, the better I say! I'd love to be added to your blogroll; it looks fun!


Well okay Melissa, if you clicked all the links in: http://mocklog.typepad.com/queen_mediocretia/2006/12/oild_fish_new_f.html
and were not offended, then you are welcome. Then again, you haven't read what I'm going to post tonight. It is probably the most offensive post ever.

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