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February 26, 2007



Not paranoid about the "new guy", are ya?


Hey-new guy, give the Queen her stuff back you insignificant-thiev'n-new-guy. Your so insignificant, your name doesn't even deserve to be Capitalized.


New guy has sticky fingers, does he? Let's set a trap. Do you know how to set up a trip wire?


New Guy has so many other personal problems that I assume finger-stickiness must be one of them. But, then again, HR director said we cannot discuss New Guys personal problems, even in the office, even among ourselves.

And, Troll, what kind of troll are you? You should be berating me for being so stupid to have lost my camera and being so paranoid that I blamed New Guy without evidence, well, except for [censored by HR]. Really, go to http://tequilastakescroquet.blogspot.com/ and look at some of Doug's excellent Trollwork.


Dear Queen, while I agree with you that you are completely stupid for leaving your vaulables laying about for the theiv'n-new-guy to steal, I do not feel the need to limit myself to berating merely you. You are afterall, so easy to berate it's hardly worth the effort. I prefer to spread my rudeness as I see fit you stupid presumptous cow and use my literary talents where they will be appreciated. It is, afterall all I who choose to grace your incredibly ridiculous blog with comments. I can't believe I even read the crap you write. What kind of screwed up programmer are you anyway? Oh wait, I know...the stupid selfish kind who thinks it's all about her. See if I ever waste my time reading and commenting on such a waste-of-cyberspace blog ever again.


Troll - Really, that was beautiful.

Friend #3

Gee, Troll, I sure hope the meds and Anger Management courses kick in soon. Of course, a spelling and punctuation refresher would not go amiss, either, you literary talent, you. ;-)

robin / koda / thumper

Troll: "What kind of screwed up programmer are you anyway? Oh wait, I know...the stupid selfish kind who thinks it's all about her."

You obviously missed it when we established that "It's All About Robin."

In the future, please keep up with such issues. These details are not to be taken lightly.


Should I rephrase, so that Your Literary Highness may understand:

You obviously screwed up and missed it when we crap rudely established that "its crap about selfish, robin cow"

In the crappy future please keep up with such stupid issues, as these details are crap is not crap, Crap!


Robin, your words make no sense. Why would you call yourself a selfish cow? Do you feel the need to vent guilt over something? Last I looked this was the Queen's blog, therefore it's not at all about you, you selfish spotlight stealing cow!


Wow, Queen, you've earned your very own troll. If that's not a sign of a successful blog, I don't know what is.

Troll, there is such a thing as closing the internet window when you find something that bothers you. Move your mouse up and to the right. A little more. A liiiiittle more. Now click.


Should that have been enumerated? :-P


1. Move your mouse up and to the right.
2. Click.

Better? I agree.

Friend #2

Wow. Ya'll are funny.

CFG is history. Any change we can get blogage on it now?


Full five-day coverage on the Story of New Guy starts Monday.

Friend #3


My friends have been briefed well on the Story of New Guy™.

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