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February 16, 2007


HWNSNBR (The Artist Formerly...)

Hehe, maybe you better make sure you have sturdy luggage and sexy undies, to go with the granny ones your going to wear for the weekend with Depends, while "reminiscing" about how thing were way better when you were growing up and drinking some prune juice! That way you'll have all your bases covered like a good girl scout!


One of the things of which I am very fond is interpreting dreams. This is why I can tell you resolutely that when Gary dreams about a house he owns he is dreaming about himself- this is almost always the case in dreams about houses. Anything that goes on in a house in his dreams reflects his own "inner life."


*Please don't be talking about us, please don't be talking about us*

I'm a little unsettled since you have mentioned your attraction to my baby-faced (when clean shaven) husband. Ummm.... not so into threesomes, okay?


Huh. I didn't think of you when he mentioned that, but ... now ... now I can think of nothing else...


Ariel - that makes sense, particularly since the houses have been getter progressively larger. I suppose his life or history is getting larger. Hmmm.

Catherine (redheaded one)

I also have been plagued by house dreams for the last year or so. My houses are of various sizes, built with various materials and one was an elaborate tree house, another the white house itself. They can be amusing and disturbing. Also unusual for me is that I acutally remember most of them.


Catherine - aren't you the one who has the very specific dream about the house you've never been in? That would freak me out.

Catherine (redheaded one)

Yes, I have a specific house dream, more than one. A home I can partially describe that I've never acutally seen (as far as I know). It is recurring, every couple of years or so-ish for as long as I can remember. Always the same. It is freaky. I keep thinking someday I'll walk into this house.

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