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January 12, 2007



Good thing you didn't get drunk, being dehydrated only makes it more painful.


You are far braver than you know. I cry when I get my eyebrows waxed. AND I get blisters. That other place is no place for blisters.


Ooooooh, that's gonna itch when it grows back!

Erin G.


Okay, yes. I had a brazilian ONCE and I got the same reaction from my man.

"Good GOD. You look like you're NINE! That's wrong."


In the words of cartoonist Vaughn Bodie - Ick! Bald pussy!


Yeah, I'm going to go with Amy Poehler on this one...the hair is there as a back up, in case you forget to wear underwear!

You are so brave.


Hah - brave? No, I am spotted. White skin with zillions of teeny purple spots. Soooooo attractive.

We've been watching an Arrested Development TiVothon and every time they say, "I Have Made a Huge Mistake" I unconsciously cover myself.

Still, every time they say "Bob Loblaw" it makes me almost wet my pants.


I prefer a landing strip. Less painful and I look like an adult. That, combined with my lack of breasts...

'nuff said.


Excepted from Salon.com (and to follow-up on Carrie's comment):


The larger artistic theme of the flashing series is hairlessness. And nobody summed up our general confusion on this topic better than "Saturday Night Live's" Amy Poehler, who eloquently opined, "Ladies, what's up with all the deforestation going on down there? You need hair down there! It's a backup system for underwear! ... I remember when a lady garden was as big as a slice of New York pizza!"


Well, gotta go. I've got a 2:30 appointment to shove bamboo shards into my nail beds. Ta!


OOh Marcia, where can I go to get that done??


Sorry, Robin darlin', yours are too long. Hah!

And, hey, I'd fawn over you (sans pity) if I could SEE you! :-P~~~~~~~~~~~


I'll be in on Monday, no fawning! Just be sure to bring your leftover bamboo shards. All kinds of good DNA in there.


crotch cleavage! Bwahahahahaha

Justine Cricks

Haha! I love your humor! Yeah, Brazilian waxing is indeed going to be a change of scenery for your husband. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll get used to it. Anyway, not all Brazilian waxing experience is the same for every woman, some really like it, and others never want to do it again. In your case, at least you’re very brave about it. =)


Justine - Hmm... numbing cream products. Interesting.

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