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January 10, 2007


Vaguely Urban

Just yesterday, I sent a twee little note to an old friend, thanking him for his Christmas card, remarking on the darlingness of his baby girl, etc. Then, I p.s.'d it: SMB. I hope he remembers our old endearment, and am delighted to see you invite me to suck your balls today.

Now I will p.s. you: Woman, not too bad for a sick girl girl a'tall. Other than your sick and twisted sense of humor of course. But that's why I love you so.


Actually, I think you look older in those photos than you do in recent photos. (Those pants! Those pants with pleats! I wore them too! Gah! My eyes!)

And I say good for you for taking the cruise anyway.


Seriously. 10 years ago? I ALSO wore HUGE glasses.

I'm glad we've both gotten over it. :)


I wore pleated pants and huge glasses in 1987. I was sooooo ahead of my time.

Your irreverence about your MS is shockingly fantastic.

By the way, what are you doing in that first picture? Doing a scuba rap?


VU - You can suck my balls anytime.

Becs - Oh, you know how to sweet talk a woman of a certainage.

Marcia - But you have the pink shoes which make you a style icon.

Melati - No, I am emulating what I think swimming looks like. I still can't swim. And, about the MS, you know, it's not like I have gout or something.


Dear Q - I wore pants like that and swore I'd never switch to plain front. (Er, I did...) And I wore the big Tootsie glasses too. However, I have never attempt to snorkel, knowing I would die instantly if I did.


The closest I can come to pants like those are Z Cavariccis. And I thought I was the shit. And I wore giant glasses well into the mid-90's. All others don't stay put on my Cro-Magnon-shaped head.

One of my friends was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago and I'm going send her a link to this post. The way you wrote about it so matter of factly (and wittily, as always) was awesome.

So all in all, you kick ass.

Be well,


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