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January 08, 2007



The BNL are a third-class ticket to hell? I had no idea. Looks like fire & brimstone for me. Oh well.

That cruise looks awesome though. You guys get to hit the Turks AND the Caicos. Life is now complete.


Funny how one glib remark can throw everyone - the promo materials said "Some cruises stop in Turks! Some stop in Caicos! We stop in Turks and Caicos!" Luckily I searched on T&C before I made the same mistake as many on the cruise message board: "So, we stop in Turks Thursday, when do we go to Caicos?"


Yanno, isn't it blasphemy to presume to know whom God will damn? Don't they have to get a priest to interpret the bible for them first?

"Father, is nudity a mortal sin or a venial sin?"

Well, if it is true that you are both condemned, I'll save you a couple of lounge chairs on the shores of the Lake o' Fire.


My mom won't even listen to a song by BNL, on account of their name.

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