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January 09, 2007



I don't know how it would work on a larger property, but when I lived in Paris last year I got rid of my "roommate" by using an electric device. I've seen a lot on the internet saying they're a scam, but it actually worked for me. It can take up to a couple of weeks, but eventually it just "annoys" the mice away.

The one I used was called an "Electro-Chat" but judging by the spelling of "Cat" I would say that's a french model.


It may not be fun for the mouse, but cats are an excellent solution to the problem. A 1 - 2 year old with a playful 'tude. I am willing to rent out one of my gang. I suggest Phoebe, Dylan, or Sophie. Our list of choices is extensive.


We use the old fashioned snap-their-necks mousetraps. A little peanut butter and birdseed for a tempting treat and -SNAP- no more mousie.


I'm soooo glad that my boss just left for the day, because this post made me truly laugh-out-loud. The guffaw would have given away the fact that I'm messing around instead of working like I should.

I have a cat, but I don't think he's a mouser. Too old and lazy for that kind of fun.


You could try my parents approach. Deny there's a problem. Leave on a 4 month RV trip. Ask the kids to check on the house. Allow them to be horrified by what they find. Let them set traps and throw away everything in the cabinets, then check them weekly so that the dead mice can't smell up the place. Return home. Grocery shop.


Why can't mouse and human co-exist peacefully? Learn to live with your fellow Planet Earth citizen.

If not, just don't lead your mice out of the house and try to burn them in a pile of leaves in your backyard because one of those damn mice are going to go running out of that leafy inferno straight into your house, make it's way into your walls, and your whole house will be gone faster than you can say Fuck Me Mickey.


So, to summarize, here are some other options:

1. Go to Paris to buy a French electronic device.
2. Get a young go-getter New Jersey (not old/lazy) cat.
3. Have children so they can kill the mice while you RV.
4. Co-exist with the mouse by promising not to go all Tibetan monk on their mousie asses.

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