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December 07, 2006



Everyone loves the Gilmore Girls. Even my boyfriend, man who can't bear anything with estrogen. Why have I never seen this show?


You're not canceling, just postponing. Glory, woman, I was only theoretically attending and I've been thinking all week, I hope she decides not to go through with the tea just yet. Put it off until after the new year.

Feel better, hon.


Moose - my girlfriend Gary turned me on to this show. He is so packed full of estrogen he almost has a cycle. If I were you, I'd start watching repeats and ignore the current season.

Becs - That is the question: postpone or cancel. The issue is that Aunt Carleen had an Annual Tree Trim, and died weeks after the first time she cancelled. SO right tight now I;m thinking postpone, but will people still want to celebrate in January?


Postpone. Say, middle to end of January. The Christmas hangover will be over and people will be craving a party.


Don't know if your ears rang through all that mucus, but we were discussing the idea that perhaps you might consider tea in the spring as you once had done.

Just a thought...

Anyway, we're sad that we'll miss tea this year, but it's certainly understandable and I know it was a difficult choice.

Get well, woman!


Tea in the spring would be wonderful.

Vaguely Urban

Postpone! Think of the blahs that set in after the holidays. You will be the antidote.

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