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December 31, 2006



Rather than challenge yourself to learn about new bands, consider becoming a music snob like me. Never listen to band whose members are all under 35, and use caution at if they're 35 and above (e.g., DEVO). *shudder*


Ben Folds Five was my favorite band hands down of all time besides Journey and Chicago. After they broke up, I found I like Ben Folds all by hisself. We went to see his show once. Him. A Piano. It was so awesome I almost died.

He tours sometimes, but not enough for me. So, I guess what I'm saying is, good choice. But really what Ben Folds is saying about you is that you're 30, NOT 35. Jeez.

Erin G.

I feel old just OWNING cds. I have tons of cds on my Amazon wishlist, but they are only space-savers....reminders to myself to purchase off iTunes when I get the chance. Whenever I see someone holding a portable cd player while riding on the subway? I kinda go "Aww...sad" because you really just don't see that very much where I'm from anymore. Even kindergarterners have ipods.


I'm in the habit of buying the physical CD and ripping it to iTunes - we don't have the iPod radio tuner (actually, that may change tonight). Still, I like the shiny pretty CDs. And the cunning liner notes. Even if there are typos.


There are only one (maybe two) good songs from Squeeze. They have been recycling those two for 30 years. Never any new ones that are any good, just a new compilation with those two hits.Strange, yes, but those two are mighty fine songs.


You know, for all your age-related remarks, you should know that Ed (as in Editor) is only 24.

Besides, don't you still call them "albums?"




Catherine (redheaded one)

Def Leppard says you're 35, so not anywhere NEAR 50!

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