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December 01, 2006



I could have used some of that fine German engineering on my drive to daycare. Three kids were playing in their yard with their dog on a fairly busy road, when said dog decided to run in front of me. I missed him by inches, but only after cursing, tensing up, and skidding all over the place. As I pulled away, I watched in the rearview mirror as the kids continued to play with their unleashed dog as if they hadn't almost witnessed its death.

Oh, and your audio is recorded.


That made me so nauseous I couldn't even look for the blinking light.

Send me your footage and I'll rotate it for you.

I'm going to go get sick now.

And turn that music down when you're driving in bad weather!!


What is "ice storm traffic"? Silly words that don't mean anything to me.


"I want a girl with a short skirt and a LONG JACKET!"

The song was all I could concentrate on during that clip. Cake always makes me want to do a little dance in my chair.


Wow! It's really snowing where you live! Ever hear of Arizona? I don't miss it, even if I could go home early. Brrrrrr.

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