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December 27, 2006



Hill - larious, tell your mom somebody is glad you posted that - just what I needed. Sheer hilarity. I'm tellin you I may have to go out and buy a pink guy of my own.


(Pulsating showerhead named Fred.)

Who's the green fellow in the upper left of the last picture? He looks happy.


Yeah. You know you've got some real issues if you fake it while you're masturbating.


Raquita - Hi! For all my complaints about the pink guy, he is efficient, I'll say that.

Silk - The green guy is Homey, a Homedics body massager with a big bright Try Me! written on his head. How could you not love that! Literally.

Becs - It's really bad when you feel the need to cuddle with the devices afterward and tell them they were the best you've ever had.


Your Majesty, I am hooked! Wandered over here from your comment at Fluid Pudding, and I have to say, no blog has made me chortle like this one in a very long time. Bookmarked you have been!


Battery Operated Boy,(Bob,for short), little has been written, much should be told.Nice commentary, the blue one looks like a player.


Hello Miss "I'm Going to Paris!" Carroll! You brighten my Wednesdays too.

Judibleu - As a sculptress, I know you see the appeal of Blue Boy. But he only looks like a playah, he doesn't walk the walk.



Friend #2

You're fucking kidding me? You bought a Picasso vibrator and were upset that it didn't "work" for you?

Ever tried just using your fingers?


Dude, you KNOW I don't like being touched.

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