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December 02, 2006



Girl, you need a friend in the UK. Or you need to go to the Bahamas. I recommend the latter. Because in the UK or once-UK-related countries, 15 mg of codeine is not a controlled substance. That means you can get it over the counter. And yes, I stocked up as much as I could when I was there.

Do you remember paregoric? It's tincture of opium. Once upon a time, you could buy it OTC and it was shoved in my mouth any time someone had a whim to. No wonder I like Xanax. Sheesh.


I believe Gary's parents still have paregoric in their medicine cabinet.


I give this post 10 of 10 shots of tequila. If you really want some noona-flutters, try scheduled narcotics. It's medicine that makes you have an orgasm in your sleep, I swear.


I would type a respniose but i am on cough syrup. the pharamsist said the reason the put the methaddict orphan pickpockets in the drugs is because its the only thing that works. SO i say, central nervous system, i believe you and my immune system have met before ami right?

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