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December 05, 2006



Need some Poise (not to be confused with the SNL gag "I Just Crapped My Pants" pants)? I bought them for Ricky, but since his Declaration of Incontinence, I've had to take things to a whole other level to secure the homefront. In the meantime I have almost a full pack of Poise I was saving for my impending occasional bladder sphincter failure.

They're yours, babe. Just say the word.


Yup. Poise. The little panty liners will do, actually. Note - ordinary santi pads won't work - they just get soppy and odoriferous. Must be Poise.


"Carefree" makes something called "Dry Idea", which doesn't say "You pee yourself" on the package but if you read the fine print, you get the idea. In fact, the package might say, "So when you cough or sneeze a little something gets through but we know it doesn't happen to YOU all the time".
Um...they work.


But that means I'll have to wear underwear beneath my pajamas. How tiresome.

Plus, I feel the need to report I don't ususally have this problem, it's just because of this medicine.


Of course, honey. Just wait till that first sneeze.


I recently asked my parenting board how to get the smell of pee out of clothing. (I feel the need to clarify that my 2 year old daughter is potty training.) I received many recommendations, but the easiest was to pour a bunch of baking soda in with your wash. Hope that helps your jammies. Of course, underwear couldn't hurt.


Good thing that jammies are washable. Don't ask me how I know that drycleaning does not remove urine-scent.


Pee is nothing more than nature's way of telling you that you drink too much.

(It sounds much more profound in Indonesian.)


"Pee adalah tak lebih dari cara alam memberi tahu anda bahwa anda minum terlalu banyak."

Yes, Melati, it does.

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