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December 09, 2006


Queen Mother

I'm glad Gary got the humidifier and breath measurer. If he tries to buy a gun come here immediately. Even saints have their breaking points.


I knew he was the Best Husband Ever. I just knew it.

Although the ER dress code is surprisingly a guy thing. Funny, you'd think it would be the other way around.


Jesus, Ellen! I half expected to hear you'd managed to fracture a rib or ripped some ligaments or something.

Tell Gary I send a big hug to him, and you - I'm not fucking around - get well, dammit.

Big unwanted hugs to you, too. (Yeah, I know. Deal with it.)


Ouch. Just ouch.

And what hospital did you go to? I didn't realize our boring little suburb had teenage prostitutes with pimps. I guess you learn something new every day.

Vaguely Urban

holy shit. That sounds like a horrible experience. Even with a percocet party favor.


Gah! I've been so wrapped up with Indians that I didn't realize you were actually dying!

I hope you feel better. I really really do. I'm not just saying that so you'll send me some of your Percoset.


The last time I coughed I got pneumonia.
Not fun.


Summer! You got pneumonia? (And to be honest, I just cut-and-pasted that, because I cannot spell that word.) I'm so jealous, I want pneumonia now too.

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