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December 13, 2006



Isn't the Swiffer some sort of dusting thing? Or did this happen before the advent of the Swiffer? Not that I own a Swiffer, nor do I think I've dusted anything in my life. Waxing my car is as close as it gets.

And a guy's going to have furniture polish under his kitchen sink, or anywhere else in the apartment for that matter? Come on now.


No, no, Swiffer is just a very effective dustcloth. On a stick. I need something with sensors that will climb up on the mantel and squirt polish out its tail.


I have a cure - such a simple solution. If you wear glasses, don't get new ones for about four years. Poof! The dust is gone!

The warning label to this is: Do not ever, ever, lean in to a bookshelf so that you are within four inches of the shelf. Then you can see the dust and you'll faint straightaway.

Catherine (redheaded one)

He slept on the balcony? I think that's funny! Why did he not stay with you or rent a hotel room? He really took a pillow, blanket and jammies to the balcony?

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