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December 28, 2006


Erin G.

Hah! Cute entry. "That man is CRAZY!" might have to be my catch phrase for the day.

Catherine (redheaded one)

You are hilarious! Thanks for blogging these last few months, I do SO enjoy it.


An honorable politician? In his case, maybe not entirely an oxymoron after all.


Still and all, he has absolutely ruined my upcoming long weekend.


He still has that "Y" chromosome. I have no doubt that if you spent any prolonged amount of time with him, he'd reveal his tendency toward the thick-headed pigness that all men possess. Not that I'm bitter. Just jaded.


Reminds me of my favorite crazy man comment, "The man's nuts, grab 'em".


Gerald, I hardly knew ye, but you stumbled upon the tarmac like a true leader. RIP.


A fine president, he was. Even with Cheney and Rumsfeld in his administration.

Bless his heart.


If only he could have danced like James Brown, think of what his funeral would have been like.

Judith - "The man's nuts, grab 'em" - made me laugh.

All - then again, maybe he was just our Transitional President after the President who dumped us. I will never know.

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