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December 04, 2006


Vaguely Urban

Can you hear the faint cheering, off to the far West? That is me celebrating that awesome cake here in L.A. Well done!

And pray tell, of what provenance are his shiny balls?


Only chocolate-covered cranberries. I would have preferred them to be blue.


That was my question,too. I thought they were big, black olives but I reckon that is a bit too savoury on a sweet project.


That? Is an excellent cake. Well done! I second Vaguely Urban's L.A.-based cheering.

I also thought those were olives. Next time you make one of these cakes, try using blue Skittles! Just a suggestion.


Personally, I think he was way too well-endowed. I'm thinking an oyster mushroom might have filled the bill.


if you would have used a chocolate nut covered banana, you could have pretended that he had a diseased ding dong. It's fun to pretend ex's have a diseases. Especially diseases that make their gentlemen business itchy and scaley.


Oh my! I totally saw that boob mug in a shop in Maui and almost bought it. Then the shopkeeper came up and told me it was her best selling item and I didn't care for the hard sell.

yea and verily

your cake is famous:


btw, thats one lucky bananna.


Yea and verily - (hi!) That is awesome. I'm sure my divorced friend will be delighted to know she has been immortalized tonguing a banana!


Oh, Fine! It seems the url for the eatme cake has been moved from food to The Cesspool category:

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