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December 19, 2006



Leg fungus aside, I would LOVE to have legs that sparse after a shaving hiatus. I go one week without shaving and my hubby starts asking why Robin Williams is in bed with us. Not that it stops me from skipping shaving for weeks on end (especially in this no-shorts weather), but it would be easier to hide if I had your sparse hair coverage.


My husband had a spot like that on his back last year. It turned out to be a fungus which went away after about 2 weeks of applying the prescribed ointment. However, it does tend to come back every once in a while and he has to do the ointment thing all over again.

Vaguely Urban

I don't even play a doctor on TV, but I'll guess ringworm.

Leg hairs say: "There's a fungus among us!"

Catherine (redheaded one)

I agree with Vaguely Urban, it looks like ring worm. I have a friend who got it after a visit to her vet's office. She didn't know what it was, didn't mention it until after she hugged me upon arrival. I ended up with a spot on my arm identical to hers, then my sister came down for the wknd that same week, she called back to say she had wierd spot on her neck. I spoke to my Dr., apparently this is highly contagious and can live on surfaces for days. It does however, go away after a few days with perscription cream. No worries.
So, you don't have to be around pets who have it, their owners can catch it and pass it on.


ECZEMA, people. Not RINGWORM. Not that ringworm is a bad thing to have. Some of the best people I know have had ringworm, it would appear.


It's just boring old eczema? And here I worried for nothing.


Yeah, but just for fun, tell Gary it's ringworm. That'll teach him.


I am a doctor (not really, but sometimes I say I am just to be a liar because lying is fun) and I diagnose you with gout.

It's not gout. But doctors like to diagnose gout and since I'm a doctor, I shall diagnose you with gout.

Also, fungus? I love you and everything, but...ew.


ECZEMA, people. Not gout (even though only the best people have gout). Eczema, a noble and honorable disease.


Even though I'm still taking ~~Silk's suggestion and telling Gary it's ringworm.


Except Gary answered me with "Did you forget I was a biology major?" as if he had memorized every imaginable subset of biological fungus.

Embarassingly, I will concede it does look like ringworm, expect ringworm is dark on the edge and light in the center, while mine is opposite.


Man, a situation like that would make anyone way stoked to have fungus, or even ringworm (considering the alternative). Glad you got the all clear.


Ringworm. I'm telling you. You can call it fungus, but it's still ringworm.


Re: Dooce and the whole skin cancer thing, basal cell carcinoma only sounds scary when someone tell you that you have it. I had it on my nose - my NOSE - and had to go back for yet more surgery and reconstructive surgery. I still have a nose. People tell me that can't even see the scar.

I looked like an idiot for a month walking around with a band-aid on my nose, but honestly, it is nothing, really and truly nothing in the long run. Be cool.


Damnit, Becs, that was exactly the attitude I was going to adopt if it was cancer. 'Cancer, Schmancer.' I would be an inspiration! But now, no such luck.

Ringworm, Schmingworm.

EXCEPT it IS ECZEMA. Now you've got me doing it.

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