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November 16, 2006



you guys better bring me something back.


For a woman with a dirty mind, I have to say that after reading the title of this post, I'm deeply disappointed. :-(


Oh, but congrats on the one-bra liberation. Next step: braless.


But, doesn't your bra get all stretched out if you wearing it more than a couple days in a row?

Or does that just happen to me because my breast are super needy?


You have high-maintenance breasts, Melati. Plus, I use the little strap devices on the straps to ratchet them up when it stretches.

Robin, I would have brought you back something worth $180 but I SPENT THAT MONEY on a Snickers from the mini-bar.

Marcia, I will be looking closely at your braless boobs when I get back to work.

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