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October 22, 2006



Silly girl, you use it when making margaritas.

Amy K

Jimmy Buffett would have a heart attack if he saw that...


Becs - Yes, but isn't it something like one part Tequila one part GM? Because this photo doesn't do the Wall justice. Based on the wall, their 'ritas would be 200 parts Tequila, 1 part GM.

Amy - I want Jimmy Buffet to change his name, because for a moment there I was wondering why Warren Buffet would care.

crunchy carpets

Maybe they are just the bartenders fave's.

I like both....

I don't drink either of them enough....so that is what they have in common for me.

Oh and have been perusing your blog and love it. I like the way you look at life!


CC - I like both my GM and my tequila neat. And in very, very small doses.

(And like you, "I can drink tequila without getting a hangover, and sadly remember EVERYTHING I did." - see #5 of http://crunchy-carpets.blogspot.com/2006/10/i-got-tagged.html
except I would have to replace "sadly" with "happily.")

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