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October 17, 2006



Viiii-cki, viiii-cki, viiii-cki. To the tune of "nurnee nurnee nurnnneee"


Who is this Vicki character!?


She's the Top Pussy of the Pussy Posse. http://mocklog.typepad.com/queen_mediocretia/2006/09/carry_me_on_you.html

She's a size two, but often wants to know if Gary thinks her size four butt is too big. If Gary puts me on speakerphone she also lets Gary know if I am speaking to him too harshly.

And it seems like every day Gary updates me on Vickivickivicki and what she said and if her hair looked good today.


I hate her. And I don't even know her. If she looks at Gary again, I'll come out there and put a serious hurt on her skinny butt.


Becs - the only thing that kept Mom and I from coming to NJ and hurting Anon Boy is that Mom's arms don't work well enough to hurt anyone. (Ask me, I know.)

Melati - Oh wait...you mean who the HELL is this Vicki character. I KNOW.


Starbucks people don't like making coffee drinks that normal people SHOULD be drinking, like cappuccinos or, vaguely enough, a simple cup of coffee. You know that.

Your drink has whip cream?


They've got electrodes in their green aprons which shocks them when they're about to be nice to someone who orders a "boring" drink. I read about it in the Weekly World News somewhere...

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