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September 11, 2006


sheila e

Well put, I could not have stated it better myself. "Shit, That scared me" too. I used to work between StL and a town just outside of there and the first thing I remember was trying to find out where the flights were coming from/going to and that could've been me and thankfully it was my off week, my week at home. My immediate co-workers were all safe, but most of the ones up there lost family and friends that day. You said it perfect. "Shit. That scared me."


Hi, Sheila E. I was debating between that and "F*ck, that scared me," but my mom reads this blog.

I'm glad you and yours were safe.

This happened at the height of Page construction, so I was still crawling along 94 up to 70 when it happened. I remember when KTRS reported a second plane had hit, I thought to myself, "Who at traffic control is fucking up the flight paths so badly?" Yeah, I was naive enough to not even consider the possibility it was deliberate.

By the time I got to work at the cable company, it was clear what had happened. We spent the entire day glued to TVs - they're conveniently abundant in the TV industry - and stood there crying as the towers fell.


I got to hear it from Brian P_____t, AKA Mr. Know-It-All or Professor Marvel or Commander McBragg. Apart from the sentiment "F*ck, that scared me!" I was rather pissed that Enterprise didn't have more bandwidth so I could see what was happening. That was a productive day.

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