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September 07, 2006



I am so grateful that Motormouth Megan isn't at work this week. This girl will not shut up. If she can say it in three words, she'll use eighteen. Over and over again.



Yeah, the in-laws have a habit of telling a story, then if it gets a good reception they immediately go back to the beginning and tell the whole thing AGAIN as if you hadn't just heard it seconds before. Mr. Wonderful has begun to adopt this habit. I fear for him.

Plus, the people at work are now deliberately tacking "hahahahaha" on at the end of everything they say. It is pretty funny.


Oh, Le Sigh.

I've got one of those.

And the spastic laugh people. Yup, got a few of those.

And then there is this group of girls in IT that having a legit laugh riot everyday which make me made for a few reasons:
1. That I can hear them when they are way across the building from me.
2. That I'm on a conference call and they've distracted me.
3. No one is allowed to laugh at work if I'm not laughing at work goddammit.



Uh, yeah...
that above comment?

rife with the errors of spelling.



Yes, but you answered a key question for me, which is how to spell "goddammit."


At what point on Thursday did I deliberately talk baby talk to irritate you, Ms. It's-Only-Okay-To-Talk-Baby-Talk-If-There's-A-Baby-Panda-On-Baby-Panda-Cam?


Never mind, I misread your comment! As a certain ID is often heard saying, "My bad."

I owe you a latte.

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