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September 26, 2006



OMG! Just like Jane Eyre! And Gary is so Edward de Fairfax Rochester! Gasp!


High school boyfriend Joe? St. John Rivers. Unquestionably. All about the praying.

Amy K

Be still my heart! All of these Jane Eyre colloquialisms are making my night! :) Have you read the Fforde books? Thank you for visiting my blog. I am looking forward to being a regular here.

Do you have a dog? You know, a "Pilot"? ;)


No fForde books; I'll have to look in to those. And Mac is a sad, sad excuse for a Pilot.


How interesting, I have tvsnowaphobia too, as well as a fear of odd channels that show up when the clouds are just right. I should say WERE just right, rarely have snow or odd channels these days of dish. I thought I was alone in my freakish fear.


Zayrina - What would cause this? Fear of the unknown (what comes on after the signal goes out?). I imagine there was some Outer Limits episode with a creepy Brigadoon tv station.


I dunno Queen. I have a feeling it likely had to do with my older brother. I recall him pretending to turn into a werewolf multiple times scaring the living shite out of me and leaving me with an abnormal fear of things werewolf well into my adult years.

It is a weird phobia to be sure though. My ex found my reaction fascinating. Current beau is not aware of it. TV snow inside a stopped elevator (doors closed) would surely do me in.


Zayrina - after some research, this fear is shared by you, me, and Paracetamol Boy (some message board). There must be more of us out there!

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