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September 13, 2006



I, the great library-goer, yes, even *I* had a very overdue library item. I had "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for two weeks and the fine could have bought me the DVD outright.

Still, they forgave me. Librarians are like Jesus - ask forgiveness and it will be granted.

Come to Jesus, Queen. Your sins will be forgiven.


I didn't show you my husband's bookshelves while you were at my house, did I? Well if the carpet bothered you, never EVER go into the basement. I will bring pictures when I remember. Sideways books crammed everywhere!

Vaguely Urban

I couple years ago, I went to a screening of Pillow Talk at this amazing old theater in downtown los angeles that was put on by the LA Conservancy. As a special bonus, it was preceeded by a fashion show of costumes that had been used in assorted glamorous movies. So much fun!


And now this lawyer is going to go buy that book. And line it up neatly with all the other books in the queue.


My conversation with UkChay (who also sits in our cube at work) on the day I was out sick:

Robin says: hey
Robin says: did you read Ellen's blog today?
UkChay says: No
Robin says: ok
Robin says: turn to her
Robin says: and ask her if she knows where a good library is.
**short pause as he obeys**
UkChay says: :-O
UkChay says: Thanks.
Robin says: lol!

What did you say to the poor guy, MM?
Even when I'm not there... *giggle*

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