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September 09, 2006



I am SOOOOO sending a memo to Susanne on Monday about this Jew-bashing crap.


P.S. I wasn't drunk.


P.P.S. And may I remind you, I didn't just declare out of the blue "Jews have been blamed for cenchurries for the death of Christ." In my defense, it was in reply to your commentary that growing up, you'd never heard the Jews blamed for killing Christ. I can't help it if you had a more enlightened religious upbringing than the ones who'd informed *me* growing up "didn't you guys kill Jesus?"

So... :-P~~~~~~


P.P.P.S. And furthermore, when I said the New Testament was based on letters written by the Apostle Paul, you declared "Paul was NOT an Apostle, Jew!" To which, the Agnostic and the Jew replied in unison, "Yes, he was."

Gainsaying ensued, and you then you announced "He wasn't one of the original twelve!"


P.P.P.P.S. You owe me a latte and a scone.


(Okay, I was just sitting here wailing that I seem to have lost my Starbucks card that I just recently loaded up with fifty bucks.)

I admit that I was not clear in my orginal contention. What I should have said was "Paul was not in the Last Supper painting."

And, my ASS you were not drunk. I didn't bring the breathalyzer, but I know both you and Libby were drunk because you laughed at everything I said.

Yeah, you didn't just announce out of the blue, but I just didn't remember how we ended up talking about religion again. But then, how did we get from religion to Mary Kay Letourneau and toe porn and googling fellow employees?

And thank you for throwing the GNO. I had a great time. Do you still have the irregular Oreos?


Perhaps Libby and I laughed because everything you said was, I don't know... funny?

And you're quite welcome. I had fun, too! And Libby took her irregular Oreos and went home. Better to fight the Oreos there than here.


Hey! Is my punishment for being late that I'm mentioned as a mere footnote in the blog? I brought a BIBLE, damn it! And I did the googling!

Knitting, anyone?


A) I wasn't raised Catholic. That's Caroline's distinction.

B) I wasn't drunk, Ellen was.

C) Paul was an Apostle otherwise he wouldn't have been listed in the Acts of the Apostles. "Apostle" means teacher, goofball.


I refer everyone to the many definitions of Apostle on dictionary.com:



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