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August 06, 2006


Vaguely Urban

That shit makes me sick. It sounds like your nephew knows how to pick his battles, but I wish he weren't faced with these situations at all.


Yeah, me too. And you'd think the rest of the family would be more compassionate, having been German immigrants during WWII.

Erin G.

Wow. Your niece and nephew were the picture of grace re: that incident at the mall. That guy was very rude.

West Coast Catherine

Appalling, simply appalling. I'm amazed at how stupid people can be. Your niece and nephew's conduct is to be admired.


I was almost run off the freeway twice by flag-toting giant SUVs post-9/11. And this was in the Bay Area, so-called bastion of liberalism. Go figure. I've never been called a "raghead" to my face, but I've heard "get out of my way you Paki!" a few times when I was visiting cousins in England back when I was 13. I empathize for your neice and nephew.

People's ignorance will never cease to amaze me. That said, many Pakistanis are no less prone to being ignorant and to illogical stereotyping than anyone else, unfortunately.


O - As you say, ignorance abounds everywhere. I suppose the idea that a religion / skin tone should be blamed for the actions of a few fanatics is a natural extension of the policy that a nation should be punished for the actions of its unelected leaders.

Dead between the anniversarys of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I'm leaning toward assasination as an alternative.

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