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August 08, 2006



This is why I can't believe anyone took seriously my April Fool's post about becoming a nun.

I can't sing. I like to think I can, but I'm just awful at it.

Besides, I look awful in too much black.

Erin G.


That's absolutely awesome. It reminds me of the Amish people who sing hymns in the 42nd Street subway station.

Speaking of the German, though: back when I was a little scrub trying to get into the stage union, I had to do all sorts of odd theater jobs while doing in summer stock. One of my jobs was "mop bitch" -- I had to mop the stage 45 minutes before the show. I made up a song called "Das Moppen Ees Das Leiben". It's not literally German, but the jist was: "The mopping is the LIFE!" or "To mop is to LIVE!" -- whatever I felt like it should mean on any one of those particularly hot-as-balls-and-I'm-performing-in-BARN kind of days! it was highly amusing to the musical director, who eventually started giving me little ooom-pa-pa chords underneath my song. Yes, I was working in Central Pennsylvania, so the German was quite fitting!


Your Nun Names:
Rebecca: Sister Bernadette Cantsing.
Erin: Sister Mary Mopbitch.

Erin G.

I love it.


I live so near O'F____. How did I not know of this theatrical masterpiece? The non-apology piece sounds intriguing.

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