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August 17, 2006



I wasn't even mentioned in my father's obit. And when my mom died, my stepfather basically took everything and ran away with his girlfriend.

And I'm unhappy about not having any family? WTF??

Queen Mother

He was such a loving dad and provider the first five years of your life. I regret putting the gypsy curse on him, in that it carried over into your impression of him. No one in a divorce is blameless.


The Supreme Queen Mother has a good take on it.

This must mean she's way awesome.

Get her to a throne and worship her!


The Queen Mother is a sage. That is all.

I bow down, man.


While I do bow down to the High and Exalted Supreme Queen Mother, even if TF had been served with a court order saying "never see these kids again," I know people who would fight a court order.

The Queen Mother has always been wise enough to hold her tongue and speak well of the TF at all times. And I'm not just sucking up because I don't want to be Doubly Disinherited.

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