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August 07, 2006



I expected some grand epiphany at 30. You know, "Your 20's are over. You are now a wise man. Go forth and be the model adult you were meant to be."

Um. Still waiting for that epiphany...

Happy pre-birthday!


I had the most boring 21 birthday ever. I went to Pepin with my parents and my fiance (Matt) and I had one glass of wine.

It was retarded.


O - Thank you for your pre-birthday tidings. I really think the epiphanies and the manhood start at the fortieth birthday. The pre-forty Gary was overly concerned about other's needs and opinions. The post-forty Gary says "Screw them. I'm forty." It was a constant refrain in his forties. Now he's in his fifties he doesn't even feel the need to say it.

Melati - Yeah, same here. I think Gary took me to the Landing and I had the requisite drink. I probably coughed and gagged and said it tasted like cough syrup.

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