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June 07, 2006



1. You don't mind that I laugh at the whole Honda Fit/Gary having epilepsy thing, too, do you? Because, HA.

2. The word on the street is that Grand Mal is big in Belgium, so much so that there's a tribute band made up of little people called Petit Mal, and that Petit Mal is TOTALLY fighting with Mini Mal (yet another tribute band) over which is the better Grand Mal tribute band in all the land.

3. Sorry, New Guy.


Okay, here's the plan.
1. We contact Petit Mal.
2. Convince them to go to Canada.
3. Get them a gig singing backup for the newly-disengaged Alanis.
4. Hence, Alanis and the Morissettes.



I hear one of the guys from Petit Mal has THREE THUMBS and plays a mean "Cat Scratch Fever" when asked.

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