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May 05, 2006



1) Soylent Green is one of my favorite movies! I particularly love South Park's send-up of SG in the Thanksgiving episode, "Helen Keller," in which the fourth-grade class tries to outdo the kindergartners when it comes to class plays. TELL me you've seen this South Park - it's GENIUS, especially if you dig SG. Love you, Matt and Trey!

2) You are a braver person than I for being game enough to try, uh, game. I don't think I could ever try elk. Game just tastes so gamey. Rats - I'll NEVER be invited to Ted Nugent's house now!

3) The Tom Collins was my college drink of choice! Mmm. I like your name for it.

4) Grand Marnier is good. GOOOOOOD. I haven't had it straight, but I am quite fond of ordering it when I get a crepe with Nutella (Love you, Nutella!) and they splash some GM over the chocolate. Sigh.


Baffling. I rememeber the Helen Keller South Park,but no references to SG. Possibly because the first time I saw SG was last night. And that 21st century Space Invaders game? Unladylike snort.


The SG reference was when Gobbles, the "challenged" turkey that Timmy took under his figurative wing, was sent to the turkey farm and all the turkeys were put into that one room to make them docile and they watched that film much like that one guy did in SG before he dies. Only in SP's case, a large circular saw comes out from the wall and decapitates all of the turkeys except for Gobbles, whose weak neck couldn't support its head. AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I heart the Helen Keller SP if only for the songs from the musical: "1800s! Alabama!"

Haven't watched last night's SP yet. Cannot wait.

Also, might I recommend Chambord for you? It's a raspberry liqueur that tastes divine when poured over vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake. DIVINE.

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