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May 27, 2006



Man, and I thought *my* family's conversations were awkward. Still, heh.

Catherine (redheaded one)

Oh, Holy Cow! I am laughing my ass off! This is hilarious! I hope you were flashing your Victoria's Secret bra...


Every bra is a Victoria Secret bra. And the next day I was teasing Gary at my Mom's and flashed my bra at him, in front of Mom, which causes him great distress, and Mom referred to our mall bra adventure when I inadvertently flashed the teenagers.


I think Vagina Drop is opening for Fingering Husband's Rectum for the summer tour.

Okay, I think I just grossed *myself* out with that one.


And thank you, Catherine, nothing better when you can't sleep than a big belly laugh. Besides, I never got to work in that in small clubs FHR usually plays whilst sitting on stools.

And I'm sure you do know that Vagina Drop's biggest supporter is Matt Kegel (former QB for the Minnesota Vikings).


I did know that about Kegel supporting Vagina Drop! I also knew that VD (heh, "VD") was greatly inspired by the works of Joey Ramone (real name: Jeffrey Hyman).

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