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May 18, 2006



I love love LOVE my FoodSaver. I even took pictures of my first vacuum-packing attempt (salmon filets).

Tonight the phone rang and as I paused in the middle of the extreme physical effort that was sitting up in bed to look at the phone and see who was calling, I thought, Hmm, this is a pain. I should really get me a Talking Caller ID thing!

By the way, I didn't answer the phone.


ipod's are awesome. I still haven'tjumped on the tvo train. We don't have cable and I feel if we were to have tvo that we should have cable. Does this make sense?


I think that's a good call. I like the TiVo because it makes me watch a lot less TV - no more time spent watching half an hour of garbage because it's tucked between two good programs.


Oh, and the best thing about the Talking Caller ID? You can program in the announcement for common numbers. So it can announce: "Just ignore it, it's your sister" or "People begging for money."

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