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May 01, 2006



Wow, that IS perplexing. What on Earth could that dream mean?

I'd like my subconscious to not only send me my dreams in Power Point slide format with bullets, but also accompanied by a color pie chart and perhaps a flow chart as well.


Perhaps it's something to do with the wedding we just went to. All his cousins his age had just become grandparents.


I used to have dreams that I'd get a loose tooth, and once it fell out, all the others would just start coming out. I'd quickly have a handful of all my teeth and be walking around trying to figure out what to do with them.

I actually don't think I've had that dream since I had a child. Weird. Still have plenty of other bizarre dreams, though.


Bizzare. Never in my life have I had the tooth dream. However, my childhood recurring nightmare was: I was lost somewhere, wandering around, then suddenly I make a turn and walk out onto a big wooden floor and I turn my head and suddenly realize 1) Ive been lost backstage 2) now I'm on stage and 3)theres a huge audience of people looking at me. Then I'd wake up. Perhaps that one's common too.


I had the tooth dream last week after a 2+ year lull. *sigh*

Sterling Delorme

Heh, I get what you mean about wanting simple dreams. If there's a tooth in the dream, then it should at least mean something direct. Like there might be a toothache later on, or that it's time to pay a visit to the dentist. Something that's easy to understand, you know? I do agree that a guitar pick made of teeth would be rad, though.


Sterling - Wow ... this is an old post. I could refer you to later posts on how a bad dental visit led to Gary's migraine...

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