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April 17, 2006



The South Park "Mormons" episode is quite possibly my all-time favorite, and I had it saved on TiVo #1 so that I could watch it whenever the mood struck. TiVo #1 then died, and I cried buckets over the loss.

Rock and Roll Challah Fame may be my most favorite name ever. They had to change it? Pity. :(

As far as my experience with the LDS kids goes, Jell-O is BIG. Of course, the Mormon kids I grew up with would rather have Jell-O shots instead, because they drank more than us non-Mormons combined, I swear.

Yes, Osmonds, Jell-O and sacred underwear would make your party big. Oh, and maybe the TV ad promoting the Book of Mormon on a running loop in the background, too!

Maybe you can get your husband to dress up like a missionary with the mountain bike, bike helmet, backpack, short-sleeved business shirt and dress pants.


That's a good idea - Jello Salad shots. As the Mormons evidently say: it's a salad because it's green. Gary can't be a missionary though; no husbands allowed at Girl's Night Out.


What if Gary did a funny cameo appearance and knocked on the front door and asked you if you'd like to receive Christ in your life?

Jell-O shots are always good.


TiVo alert!

Weds April 26 - before the new show, at 8:30 Central, they are re-running the Mormon show. Set TiVo #2, Catherine G!


WOOOOO! Thanks for the update!

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