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That fox has mange. Poor thing. It's painful and maddeningly itchy, and fairly easy to cure if you can get a few injections into him.

That poodle has terrible people. Poor thing. I can see taking a beasty along if you want his company, or if he has medical issues that need round-the-clock care, but to leave him alone in a room for the entire day - how is that better than a kennel where he would get attention and walkies?


So did you have a good time? No alligator attacks? Or looters?


~~Silk- No gators (though Gary looked for them every day) and no looters. One window was blown out at the hotel, that's it.


I just put together the parts of the puzzle!
Cats consider their people to be inept kittens, and if they are allowed outside (or if there are mice inside), will often present their humans with choice mouse parts, since they can't seem to catch them for themselves.

Maybe the fox got worried about you, since there had been no backyard banquets for a while, maybe you were sick and couldn't hunt, so the fox provided a meal (the raccoon) for you.

It really isn't that farfetched.


~~Silk - could be. Still, others have seen that fox eating roadkill. I can't imagine he would give us a whole fresh raccoon.
Also, that raccoon weighed a LOT. It would have to be a wildlife task force dragging that thing in the yard.

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