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1964. College. I was usually the only female in my math classes, and I was always the top student in the class. Differential equations. A "computer" in a room off the classroom. I have no idea what it looked like because I was not allowed in that room. "We let a girl in there once and she broke it, so no girls allowed." Seriously, that is what I was told by the instructor.

Is it ironic that four years later I was a programmer at IBM, getting faster promotions and higher raises than my male coworkers, and by the third year was the technical assistant to a third level manager?

Then I married Ex#2, who was jealous of my success and moved us to St. Louis and it all went to Hell.

Well, I tried.


I and another young woman were the top students in our college algebra classes, and I was the top student in my Calculus class. And here's why-- when I was about twelve, my father went back to school for an engineering degree. He would come home from his evening classes and talk to my slightly older brother about Calculus. I don't know exactly what they were saying--just that math and, in particular, Calculus was for men and boys. So when, in my twenties, I got serious about my education (wanted to be a biologist) and had to take math classes, I knew they would be very hard! So, I studied like crazy. Of course, I can no longer remember any but the most basic math.


It just amazes me, this new level of activism. It is a wonderful thing. I wish I could participate, but my new status as a cancer patient has thrown me off for the time being.


"You can fly to Canada and that's it"? Hmph.
No, I get it.


~~Silk - Damn! Ex 2 and his ego.
Arlene - I am in awe of you and Silk, because I never got past Finite Math in college, and never past remedial algebra in high school.
Hattie - Gary has taken your place. There will be marches or rallies in St. Louis at least the next two weekends.
Allison - Sorry. But props to your hot PM. Everyone's talking about how he squashed Trump's handshake power move.

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