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I'm laughing because exactly the same thing would have happened to me. A related problem is the way I can hold it, hold it, hold it for the longest time, and then as soon as I open the bathroom door, WHOOSH! all over myself and the floor. That's why there are no rugs in my bathrooms.

It's worse right now because chemo irritates the bladder. Two ounces in there, and it's screaming to get out.


I always get a flu shot. I usually can get to the bathroom before I pee myself. It's been ages since I've given a urine sample, so I don't know whether I would have problems with that!


~~Silk - I have to lie to myself. "After I open the bathroom door Gary will be in there, or the seat will be down, or there'll be saran wrap over it." And I didn't know that about chemo. I'm always amazed by people who are on chemo and keep working, now there's another reason.
Hattie - I would have gotten the flu shot for years had I known I'd have no reaction to it.

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